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A question sometimes arises about the use of Yellow Fever vaccine in pregnancy. Robert et al (1999) reported on YF vaccination of pregnant women (Vaccine, 17,(3)). Using the European Network of Teratology Information Services and the Pharmacovigilance Department of Pasteur Merieux MSD, 74 women who had received YF vaccine in pregnancy were identified: of these 69 had been vaccinated during the first trimester and 3 before the LMP. Of the 74 women, 58 were completely followed-up. 46 had a normal delivery: 5 had a TOP for social reasons and 7 had a spontaneous abortion - the latter rate (7 of 58, 12%) is as expected (normally 14-19% in developed countries). Of the 46 infants, 3 had minor abnormalities (bilateral pes varus, mild VSD, and a slightly deviated nasal septum): 2 had major defects - a urethral stenosis and a triphalangeal hallux - this latter rate (2 in 58, 3.4%) is comparable to that found in the general population (range 3 to 4%). The authors conclude that there is no evidence for a harmful effect of YF vaccine in-utero.

The following companies produce Rota Virus vaccine:

RotaShield® Rotavirus Vaccine, Live, Oral, Tetravalent. RotaShield® manufacturer, Wyeth-Ayerst Laboratories, has received authorization to market the vaccine throughout Europe. It is likely that the vaccine will be available in Europe by the end of 1999.

Organisations involved with Rota Virus Vaccine development:

(American Academy of Family Physicians)
Phone: 800-274-2237, ext. 5560
Contact name: Bellinda Schoof, MHA, CPHQ

(American Academy of Pediatrics)
Phone: 800-433-9016, ext. 7657 or 4997
Outside of U.S., call 847-228-5005
Fax: 847-228-5059
Contact name: Hope Hurley (ext. 7939)

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